Ali Dover

Ali Dover

I grew up with a love of styling, trawling jumble sales from the age of 12 looking for anything which caught my eye; vintage clothing, fabrics, and retro furniture became an obsession – things to put together in interesting ways, different textures, colours and shapes. 

An SLR camera came my way. I took it everywhere with me, snapping interesting people and places whilst living in New York. That camera was stolen, taking with it 36 treasured memories.

Fast forward three years and I found myself pregnant with my first son. Much photographed, but not worn, I lament my ignorance on the subject of babywearing. Eight years later, I rejoiced with the birth of my second son. The internet gave me opportunity to learn about the wonders of baby slings and my carrying journey was underway.

My deep passion for woven wraps did not surface until the birth of my third child, a girl. Hallelujah! I got to combine my newfound love for holding my babies close whilst indulging in my passion for beautiful fabrics. Not only that, but I realised that a woven wrap was as much about being a part of my wardrobe as it was about enveloping my daughter in cocooning comfort. I had reached my holy grail.

Wanting to learn more about the technical side of babywearing, in 2010 I began a series of courses – ClauWi, Trageschule, JPMBB and, most recently, Slingababy.

Now, my purpose is to unwrap the potential of baby carrying, through my woven wraps, through my photography and styling, by pulling together my passions for nurturing babies and helping women to feel their most beautiful, unique and maverick selves.

- Ali Dover