When my first son was born in 1998 I felt thrown into a world of chaos, both mentally and physically. My life was turned upside down - I was unsure how I was 'supposed' to present myself to the world anymore - woman or mother? This loss of identity presented as mild - but palpable - post natal depression. 

When I discovered woven wraps some years later, the penny dropped - I realised that my experience as 'woman' and 'mother' are not separate, but combine to make me who I am. And woven wraps provided the solution I craved for me to be 'me' - someone who thrives on the values of freedom, rule breaking, individuality and unique style! Through choosing the right colours to make the most of my own colouring and personal style I got to feel great and resume my life with my baby in tow. 

Does my story resonate with you? 

If so, get together with me to make the connection between your experiences as woman and mother as we:

  • discover your core values
  • redefine your identity
  • find the colours and woven wraps which make you glow
  • style and photograph you at your shining best
  • give you renewed confidence and purpose



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